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Her Instagram Explains What Feminism Really Is (In Case Anyone Forgot)

I really have the utmost respect for peeps who put themselves and their beliefs out into this world. Like, OUT THERE, out there. With no apologies and no backing down.

That’s what you’ll find with Candace Reels, founder of the runaway Instagram hit, Female Collective, which now has it’s own site.

The Female Collective is about celebrating women; because us women are beautiful, powerful beings that can achieve anything we set our mind to! I truly believe in women empowering, uplifting, and supporting each other; because together we can conquer the world and do amazing things #girlpower! We have only just begun to crack the surface of our possibilities. So follow along our journey as we continue to celebrate, empower, uplift, and support women (also make you laugh a little bit).

And then there’s this about Candace, which is just so fantastic, you’re gonna wanna be her friend. No, seriously. Read it. Then come back to me and tell me what you think.


– My name is Candace Reels, born and raised in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA.

– My mom and The Spice Girls taught me everything I know about female empowerment and girl power.

– Feminism, fashion, music, art, food, and traveling is what I love and you will see that throughout this website.

– The Female Collective started off as just an Instagram account, because I wanted to create an account where us women built each other up, instead of bringing each other down.

– My passions in life are to make a difference and continue to preach the female empowerment movement.

RIGHT?! I know. It’s fantastic. She’s fantastic. I told you it was fantastic!

And if that wasn’t enough (it was), there’s merch. That’s right, MERCH. Over on her site, Candace is slinging fun and fab feminist shirts that spread messages like “Feminist on Fleek” and “Mind your own uterus.”

I know. It’s just… so good. Here, the candid Candace chats with me about how she learned feminism from the Spice Girls, what she thinks of the haters, and why she’s single and loving it, sometimes.

What did you set out to create when you started Female Collective?

When I created Female Collective, I just wanted to create a community where you celebrate, empower, uplift, and support women; because I feel together we can conquer the world and do amazing things.

When did you know you were really onto something?

I felt like I was on to something when people would comment and/or leave messages about how the things I post brighten their day, made them feel better, and that it was exactly what they needed to see that day. Seeing people post these things was really inspiring and I knew that I was definitely on to something special.

“My mom and The Spice Girls taught me everything I know about female empowerment and girl power.” Amazing. Please elaborate. 

My mom is definitely one of the biggest inspirations in my life. She’s not afraid to be herself no matter who’s she around whether it’s people she knows personally or President Obama. And with my mom being true to herself, people admire her and look up to her and I hope I could be just that. That’s how my mom taught me everything I know about female empowerment, to just be myself, love myself, and to not be afraid to express myself.

I learned about the Spice Girls at my friend’s 3rd grade birthday party. The lyrics that they said in their songs were so inspiring. They spoke about being yourself and sisterhood; these two things are very important when growing up as a girl. I was bullied as a child for how I looked, dressed, and acted. With my mom’s advice and the wise words of Spice Girls, I was able to ignore what they said and still try to be myself in a time that’s very hard to do so.

What has been the biggest personal challenge you encountered as you developed this community? 

This is not really a personal challenge, but it was something that was shocking to see. When you’re posting your views and thoughts on Instagram, you’re going to have very positive feedback and also very negative. I have some horrible comments left by anti-feminist on Female Collective’s Instagram, they would leave comments like “kill yourself”, “you have AIDs”, and derogatory things that were way too harsh. And it wasn’t really a challenge for me seeing these comments, it was just very sad to see that people actually view those who are feminist in such a horrible way. It’s very sad, but their opinions will never stop me from believing in what I believe in and that’s the most important thing.

How was your 2015?

My 2015 was very interesting, challenging, and sad at times. But it was also an exciting and amazing year, because I created this wonderful thing called Female Collective that has changed my life for the better. We’re all on this journey that’s going to be a roller coaster, but we just have to remember to appreciate every moment because these things are turning us into the person we are supposed to be.

What are you looking forward to in 2016? 

Personally, what I look forward to in 2016 is just more great times with my family and friends. Getting the opportunity to meet and work with new, awesome people who share my same views. Being able to help young girls and women in need on a bigger scale in my city of Los Angeles. But also traveling to new, amazing places.

With Female Collective, I hope to grow it into an even bigger community, continue to spread the word of female empowerment, and to continue to help young girls and women in need in, not just Los Angeles, but across the globe.

Coffee, tea or green juice? 

I love coffee, but I don’t drink it as much as I used to. I cut back on caffeine because it wasn’t working for me. Sadly, I drink a lot of caffeine-free tea now; Rooibos is my favorite. I do love a good juice though: carrot, beets, and greens. I’m bad, though, I will eat a donut and then have some green tea thinking it cancels out the donut (it so doesn’t).

I’m not really into fitness, I do have a gym membership that I pay for every year, but I don’t go. I keep paying for it, so when I finally do want to go, I’ll have it. Which reminds me that I need to pay for it soon.

Reveling in a relationship, single and loving it, or Tindering?

I would say I’m single and sometimes loving it. When you’re single, you really get to learn a lot about yourself, because I truly believe you have to love and be happy with yourself before you get into a relationship. I don’t believe in two halves make a whole. I believe in two people who are whole that truly love themselves should be together and conquer the world. So of course one day I would love to meet a guy and make that amazing connection that pretty much all my friends have with their significant other. Not going to lie though, when all your friends are in a relationship and you’re not, you sometimes sit back and wonder if something is wrong with you and, “Why hasn’t it worked out for me?” But then you get yourself together and you’re like, “It’s not me, I’m awesome and I will meet another awesome person.” So I’m just going to continue to have fun being single.

The book I’m currently reading is…

The book I’m currently reading is Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling.I’m a huge fan of hers and everything she is about. So whenever she comes out with a book, I have to read it!


A HUGE, hug-filled thanks to Candace for answering my Q’s! For more from her and Female Collective, you can follow her on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

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