The Self-Love Formula

Let's change direction.

About the Founder

Julia Ford-Carther, founder of The Self-Love Formula, is an EQ expert, dating coach and recognized lifestyle writer/editor who is modernizing female-focused content by making empowering messages entertaining and reshaping mainstream media.

After earning her B.A. in communication from Stanford University and nearly a decade in the mainstream media and communications landscape, Ford-Carther has honed a comprehensive understanding of how today’s traditional media and brand communications are used toward women, delivering targeted messaging and imagery that satisfy outdated perceptions.

From her work as a dating coach, her ability to discern why people do what they do—and not just stop at seeing the surface behavior—and her objective emotional self-awareness give her an acute and exacting perspective, providing complex insights into human and consumer behavior that others don’t initially consider.

Due to her diverse experience, coupled with the fact that she herself is a Millennial woman, she possesses a unique vantage point from which she’s developed her expertise. She knows what’s working for her generation, what’s not and what could seriously use an upgrade. Most importantly, she knows how to start moving in the right direction.