The Self-Love Formula

Let's change direction.

The Mr. Big Cleanse

It took Carrie about a decade and being stood-up at her own wedding with a bird on her head to finally get her Mr. Big to commit (and she STILL didn’t really get what she wanted).

Do you really want to spend that amount of time trying to convince this guy to be with you?

Or is it maybe time to get over this guy and move on to the man who’s been waiting to adore you?

This includes everything you see in The Break-Up Blast Through but with some major key additions:

  • I’ll help you get clear on the WHY this man even came into your life and shook your world up. Without knowing this, you will NOT be able to move on. Have to learn the lesson so you can be grateful and let go.
  • Some hardcore healing so you don’t keep recreating this same relationship over and over again.
  • Instant access to me during business hours.
  • Effective exercises that help relieve you of your desire to reach out to him.

For this program, since there’s a lot the get out of your system, and we’re going to get REAL comfy rewiring your attachment to this dude, I strongly suggest investing in yourself and this program for 8 weeks. That way we can spend quality time building up new habits, thoughts and feelings around this situation that will stick, even when we’re done with the program and I’m not checking in on you every week.


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