The Self-Love Formula

Let's change direction.

The Limiting Beliefs Eraser

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back from dating? Or from finding the guys you really would like to be seeing?

Let me chime in every time:

  • You second-guess your value.
  • Your inner critic starts to flare up.
  • You begin to overanalyze.
  • You have a self-defeating thought about dating.
  • You feel unworthy, unloved, or not pretty or smart or good enough.

In this program, I’m stepping in and breaking those non-serving, negative thoughts DOWN. Enough is enough. You’re so much more than your negative self-talk. Once you realize that these beliefs are, in part, a false sense of security, you can reclaim your thoughts and erase those limiting beliefs. You open yourself up to self-confidence and authenticity, and the boys will start a-running to you. Swear.

Plus, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. Or at least generally lighter and there’s a high likelihood that you’ll smile more. So there’s that.


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