The Self-Love Formula

Let's change direction.

The Break-Up Blast Through

Sometimes break-ups just rock our world–and not in a fun way. Some people move through it with aplomb, and others take a wee bit longer to process. If you’ve processed and prodded, and analyzed and accepted, and you STILL can’t seem to shake the sadness of shedding your significant other, this program will help you get over that final hurdle.

Together, you and I will figure out what’s at the heart of your holding on, and how we can actively start to let go of that lingering love-blocker. Once we get that outta the way, it’s a beeline to a better dating life. Swearsies.

Your weekly assignments will help you:

  • Remove positive reminders of the ex.
  • Detox deliciously.
  • Gain insight, clarity and kick-start the healing process.
  • Get your life back on track.
  • Squash your need to reach out.
  • Understand it’s not about will-power–it’s about WHY.


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