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Cup of Charisma: Pajamas for Work? Meet Bammies (This is Not a Drill)

Jillian Goltzman, writer, journalist and founder of Cup of Charisma, did me a solid and penned a piece on her blog about Bammies, this site, and my entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s get real: Friday mornings like today can be a real test of willpower. We have to roll out of our comfortable beds, shower, put on makeup, mentally prepare for the homestretch before the weekend and get dressed in those intolerable slacks we can’t quite stand. The countdown to 5 p.m. and sweatpants has begun — well, unless you’ve got your Bammies on. Bammies are just what they sound like: business-appropriate pajamas (yep, they exist). Founded by Julia Ford-Carther and Rosario Chozas, the line launched in January with six chic, affordable items ranging between $80 and $170. The recently debuted collection of comfortable, stylish pieces are made to fit the many activities your day and make you feel confident in the process. I was lucky enough to chat with co-founder Julia Ford-Carther about how she turned one of her many dreams into a brand so notable that Mashable, The Times, Fast Company and Entrepreneur have all taken notice.

Formally the Senior Editor of Ocean Drive magazine, Julia is the founder of The Self Love Formula, a website focused on elevating readers to their best selves, and SLF Media, her new content marketing concept for brands. She may not know this but when I lived in Florida as a publicist, I would read her Ocean Drive pieces and look up to her skill as a journalist. Her ability to follow her passion projects into a full-time career is something I admire and wanted to share with you. Julia is not only a powerhouse, she’s empowering. 

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