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Make Decisions from Love, Not Fear

A friend of mine is grappling with the age-old dilemma of whether or not to take the next romantic step with a long-time friend. The chemistry is there, the solid friendship foundation is there, the timing is there. When they’re around each other, they read like one of those couples that just make sense. And I see the fear in her eyes when she talks about what it would mean

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How Technology is Ruining Your Dating Life

My (Hot, Fashionable, Smart) LA Friend: I had this amazing date with a new guy the other week, and I was even starting to like him (and you know me, I take for-evah to warm up to someone). Well, guess the feeling wasn’t mutual because he just dropped off and I hadn’t heard from him for weeks. Aaaaand, then he sends me a song via Spotify yesterday. Like, wtf does

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How to Fake Your Way To Surviving a Break Up

OR: How to get through a break up you thought you didn’t care about but you do. Oh. Hey there, relationship failure. So nice to see you again. It’s been a while. Oh, it hasn’t, you say? We were here this time last year? Hmm. Well, time certainly does fly when you’re desperately trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, doesn’t it? At any rate, glad to be back

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Don’t Fight (or Fake) the Feeling

Let’s flip the script for a minute, shall we? One instance in which you should never, ever, under ANY circumstances fake it is… An orgasm. Ha! Kidding (well, not really, but I can address that later if you’d like). No, real talk though: You can’t fake your intuition. You know, your red-flag-radar, your bullshit-ometer, your He’s-The-One-I-Just-Know-It indicator. That saintly sister inside tells you like it is, like it should be and sometimes

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