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How Technology is Ruining Your Dating Life

My (Hot, Fashionable, Smart) LA Friend: I had this amazing date with a new guy the other week, and I was even starting to like him (and you know me, I take for-evah to warm up to someone). Well, guess the feeling wasn’t mutual because he just dropped off and I hadn’t heard from him for weeks. Aaaaand, then he sends me a song via Spotify yesterday. Like, wtf does

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How to Fake Your Way To Surviving a Break Up

OR: How to get through a break up you thought you didn’t care about but you do. Oh. Hey there, relationship failure. So nice to see you again. It’s been a while. Oh, it hasn’t, you say? We were here this time last year? Hmm. Well, time certainly does fly when you’re desperately trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, doesn’t it? At any rate, glad to be back

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Don’t Fight (or Fake) the Feeling

Let’s flip the script for a minute, shall we? One instance in which you should never, ever, under ANY circumstances fake it is… An orgasm. Ha! Kidding (well, not really, but I can address that later if you’d like). No, real talk though: You can’t fake your intuition. You know, your red-flag-radar, your bullshit-ometer, your He’s-The-One-I-Just-Know-It indicator. That saintly sister inside tells you like it is, like it should be and sometimes

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