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Lady Bits from Around the Web: Oh, Hey, Adele | Body Image Is Not Just Our Fight | Victoria’s Secret Models Need Love Too | Sorority Sisters For Self-Acceptance

Your lady bits for the week. Love ’em. Love ’em hard. Oh, Hey, Adele  As if we needed another reason to love Adele (we didn’t forget you, girl. ‘Take It All”s been on repeat this whole time), she up and dropped another single that’s had us all clinging to our ex’s blurry Facebook feeds (they’re blurry because we can’t see clearly through the tears, HELLO). What’s especially fun about Adele is

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What We’re Skimm-ing, Reading, Reviewing and Pocket-ing This Week

In case you were wondering…   Ok, for starters, DID YOU SEE THIS?!! Also, if you haven’t signed up for Lenny Letter, you should. It’s the opposite of The Skimm (that is, it’s incredibly long), but just as yummy. Thanks, Lena and Jenni. To say we’ve been obsessed with the business of blogging lately would be an understatement. As such, we’ve turned to many a female millennial infopreneur and blogger successes

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Lady Bits from Around the Web: Lena Dunham Sits with Hillary Clinton (And Our Heads Explode) | Pop Stars Sing Positive | MAC Joins the Real Beauty Bandwagon

This week’s Lady Bits are good. Don’t let your friends miss out (i.e., share them). Yesterday, Lenny, the intellectually curious and feminist-leaning newsletter put on by the one Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner (aka the geniuses behind Girls), went out with a worth-the-13-minute-read Q&A between Lena and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And then our mind exploded. Lena got Hilz to talk about her time at college during the Civil Rights

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Lady Bits From The Web: Ronda Rousey Advises, “Don’t Be A DNB” | #Hangover Makeup Is The Most Tragic Beauty Trend To Date | Serena Williams SLAYS In New York Magazine

So Ronda Rousey did something spectacular again. Shocker. On Monday, the UFC champ announced her new t-shirt line campaigning her now-ubiquitous quote “Don’t Be a #DNB.” What’s a DNB, you ask? A “Do Nothing B*tch,” which, according to Ronda, goes something like this: “I have this one term for the kind of woman my mother raised me to not be, and I call it a do nothing b—-. A DNB.

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MAXIM Magazine Reveals Its Women’s Swimwear – And We Love It

Remember when we told you about how we were maybe, possibly, with all the hope in the world looking forward to the new developments of Maxim magazine now that new editor-in-chief Kate Lanphear was at the helm? Well, we may still be in the honeymoon phase, but we’re pretty sure the other shoe is going to drop anyyy minute now. The August cover of the pub isn’t too much of a

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Men’s Mag MAXIM Launches Its First Swimwear Collection

“This year, Maxim ushered in a bold new era with an emphasis on style. The debut of the women’s swimwear collection is the next iteration of that, celebrating women’s natural beauty with the fun and adventurous spirit that has long defined Maxim,” said Maxim’s Editor-in-Chief Kate Lanphear. Gotta admit, wasn’t too jazzed up about this announcement when it landed in my inbox. Immediate thoughts included: “How in the WORLD can a porno-esque mag that

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Lady Bits From The Web: Rashida Jones on Finding Happiness at Work | Why We Say Sorry Too Much | What Real Beach Bodies Look Like

Rashida Jones on Finding Happiness on the Job: Do you love Rashida as much as we do? We fell in love with her on “The Office,” obviously, and then again on “Parks and Recreation.” These days, homegurl is BUSY. She’s writing the “Toy Story 4” script, just wrapped her new show “Angie Tribeca” (TBS) and produced the documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” (Netflix) about the exploitive nature amateur porn and its effects

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Why XQ Is Not a Thing, Despite What Time Magazine Says

In the current issue of Time magazine, there’s an article (online version here for subscribers) about companies’ increasing dependence on personality traits to help crack the code of optimal hiring. From a timeline graphic in the article: X.Q.: 2015 – In the new wave of employer assessments, no official name has emerged for the qualities employers are testing for. In fact, they can often seem mysterious–a kind of X quotient,

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