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16 Things NOT To Do In 2016

We’re not gonna sit here and teach you how to make goals for the new year. There’s plenty of that circulating already. You can sort out your whole goal-making life here, or reflect on how 2015 was for you and how to make 2016 better here, or if you have trouble sticking to your goals, there’s an app for that. Instead, here’s a quick ‘n dirty list of things you should probably

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This Is What Lifestyle Blogs Were Meant To Be

I fell in love with Jess Zimlich‘s blog immediately upon discovery. How could I not? 26 And Not Counting? C’monnn, that’s brilliant! Beyond that amazing name, Jess’s online destination is just SO wonderfully indicative of a person who’s living according to her own outline, one that suits her and allows her to explore what makes her happy, what makes her feel empowered, what makes her smile. And she’s simply real about

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This Fitness Program and Its Founder Believe ‘Fit Is A Feeling, Not An Image’

You guys. YOU GUYS. I am BEYOND pumped about today’s post. Like, put-down-the-glass-of-wine, pause-that-episode-of-The-Mindy-Project, P-U-M-P-ed. Because today? TODAY? You’re going to hear about PGB. Why am I so pumped about PGB? Because PGB stands for Pink Gloves Boxing, the exercise (that’s more than just an exercise) that’s changing the game. PGB is a women’s boxing program (where you wear pink gloves, of course). But it is so much more than

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Determine What #ActuallySheCan Do At ‘The World’s Kindest Triathlon’

The best way to beat the Monday merps is to plan your weekend. What’s that? Need weekend plans, you say? And you don’t wanna do the same old boring thing? Well, word on the street is there’s a little something exciting coming to town. This Saturday, October 17, the #ActuallySheCan campaign comes to life at Wanderlust 108, “the world’s kindest triathlon,” that will take over Virginia Key Beach at 8am. Where

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