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Real Talk, Episode 5: Natalia Martinez-Kalinina x #RealTalkwithJFC

Welcome back for another episode of Real Talk, the show that celebrates you for BEING, not DOING. Today’s guest is Natalia Martinez-Kalinina, a multi-talented resident boss of a woman is making big sh*t happen in Miami and beyond. Here’s more on what Natalia does: Natalia is an organizational psychologist, strategist, and technologist focused on merging innovation, entrepreneurship, and community impact. She focuses on creating communities that are true ecosystems, most

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Lady Bits: I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

As The Washington Post has kindly brought to my attention this morning, THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS TRAILER IS ALIVE!! The trailer is out for the new “Ghostbusters” movie, starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Wiig and McCarthy are reuniting with their “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig for his remake of the 1980s hit starring Bill Murray. It comes out July 15. This totally deserves its own post. So that

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Lady Bits: The Future of Fashion | Wage Gap Apps Helps You Split The Bill Accordingly | Hollywood Is on #TeamKesha | Party with Oprah & Friends

All the lady news that you need to know this week. Our pill capsule for fall16 #positivity #love #kindness and note the prescriptions on the shoe heels! A photo posted by alice + olivia by StaceyBendet (@aliceandolivia) on Feb 25, 2016 at 12:25pm PST   Whimsical fashion brand Alice + Olivia just Instagrammed the future of fashion: Clothing that makes you feel good. Their positive vibes pill capsule collection is part of

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Love Is… Not Obligatory Valentine’s Day Gifts

A little Valentine’s Day humor (and hopefully some insight). Also, these may or may not be real-life examples. (Hey, boo.)

Real Talk, Episode 4: Amy Dannheim x #RealTalkwithJFC

It’s Episode 4 of Real Talk! Whoooo! Today, we’re sitting with Amy Dannheim. Here’s what Amy does: A leader in the Miami yoga community, Amy is a yoga teacher, writer and creator. Her popular group classes are layered with humor, great music and good vibes, drawing inspiration from her personal practice and travels. Amy’s teaching showcases her creativity and love for a great flow as she encourages you to discover

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Lady Bits: Swipe Right for Confidence | Full Frontal Goes Full Throttle | How To Be a Genuine Leader | Feminist Lingerie

The lady news you need to know. Shine Text is a new app from cofounders Marah Lidey, 26, and Naomi Hirabayashi, 32, that’s designed to help you think positively and close the Confidence Gap that exists between you and your male coworker who seems to get all the breaks. Now you can spend your subway commute busting through all those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from finding the love

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Real Talk, Episode 3: Emily Cassel x #RealTalkwithJFC

Today’s episode of Real Talk, the show the celebrates you for BEING, not DOING, is with my friend, women’s leadership coach, and all-around inspiration, Emily Cassel. Oh, there are so many beautiful words to describe Emily and her essence. I’ve told you a bit about her here, and we chatted a bit here, and I could wax poetic for another 12 years, but you’re here for a video. And you’re here

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Get Happier in 2016 by Following This Instagram Account

We could all use that one friend who’s perennially happy, couldn’t we? The one with seemingly boundless energy, who’s always smiling and ready to find the positive in any situation. That would be Kelli Davis, founder of The Happsters, “a happiness blog dedicated to making other people happy and letting others know when they make us happy.” As she explains on her blog, Kelli’s always been a huge fan of

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A New, Better Spin on Girl Talk

I’m all about getting real. The realer, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Clearly. So when I happened upon GirlTalk, a new video platform that’s helping women share their real-life narratives, I was on it like Rob Kardashian on Blac Chyna (too soon?). Basically, I was thrilled to see another outlet join the ranks of collectively empowering women through story telling. Who’s behind this brilliance? A one Ifrah Hassan.

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Real Talk, Episode 2: Glass Battles x #RealTalkwithJFC

Today is a special day. Because today we have our first audience-submitted episode of Real Talk, the show that celebrates you for being, not doing. Hooray! On today’s show (ha!), we have Sean Augustine of Los Angeles-based spook pop band Glass Battles. (Yup. You read that right. And I will be neither surprised, nor upset, if I now lose your attention to their Soundcloud, which I’m linking to right here. Not

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