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Career Hacks from Lindsay Shoemake of That Working Girl: “Pursue what you’re most passionate about.”

Readers, meet Lindsay. [Lindsay, our readers.] Lindsay is on her game. She is not only a recognized expert in her field, but she is ALSO a blogging success. Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager by day, founder and editor of That Working Girl by night, she helps brands establish an impactful presence AND delivers sharp career advice that works for both those who are building their own brands and anyone

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Blogger Success Amanda Holstein of Advice from a Twenty Something: “There are no rules, there is no normal.”

If you have a penchant for aesthetically impeccable lifestyle shots and real-life advice, then you probably already know about (and religiously follow) Amanda Holstein. (And you’re gonna be REAL pumped about this post.) If you are unaware, this talented 27-year-old is the brains and beauty behind the successful and aptly named site, Advice from a Twenty Something, which she started back in 2012 and now runs as her full-time gig out of San Francisco. (And

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Having Love In Your Life Doesn’t Have To Detract From Your Career

Last weekend, I was freaking out. I had just quit my job. Which was a decision I had made on my own, and am happy about. It was a decision to go after everything that I’ve ever wanted. Which is great, but scary. And a huge shift in my game of Life, so I was just processing. I tend to do a lot of that. But anyway, during my download,

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