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10 Crucial Life Lessons for Your 20s and 30s

1. Remember, the world is your oyster and you are the pearl. Treat yourself as such. Do it in a loving, positive way that serves as an excellent example of a human being. 2. Enjoy your body while you’ve got it. Our bodies are complex and magnificent. Miraculous, really. Yet every woman I’ve ever known has wasted countless years at war with her own, only to look back on photos of herself from her youth and say,

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The One Oscars ‘Do We’d Do: Ponytail Goes Glam

Oh, Oscar, you never cease to amaze. This year, we were bowled over by the nods to minimalism that popped up on Hollywood’s most glam night of the year. For starters, Reese Witherspoon dropped the mic in a black-and-white Tom Ford. ‘Nough said. Our girl Jennifer Lopez stunned in a plunging-neckline, nude Elie Saab ensemble. The dress may have been va-va-voom, but her hair wasn’t. She smartly rocked a high,

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It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and I’m Sharing My Story

I remember cold tile floors—wrapped up around porcelain toilets, beads of sweat forming like tears at my forehead and streaming down the length of my face. I remember the seduction of the all-consuming binge followed by the urgent purge—the need for release. I remember the sensation of emptiness to fullness to emptiness again. And again. And again. Too many years spent on cold tile floors amidst graduate school classes, awards,

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NYFW Backstage Beauty: Get the DVF Look in 4 Steps

As NYFW continues, our love affair with DVF rages on… Not only did she send her models down the runway in an updated collection of ’70s throwback frocks, shorts-suits, and fur coats that would make Carrie Bradshaw crap her high-waisted bellbottoms, but she also complemented her winning styles with the most epic power bun. “Our girl wants to look elegant and dressed up but she doesn’t want to look too fussy

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The Best Beauty Look from the Grammys: Dare To Be Bare

How about those Grammys, huh? Things seemed a little more subdued and a bit more real. Less flash, more PSA. Even Prince, in all his orange-sequined glory, brought the seriousness about current social issues. In the same vein of less is more, we couldn’t help but notice that the mega-watt stars had turned down the voltage on their beauty looks for the evening. Here, our top three nude, naked, dare-to-go-bare,

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Tired of Looking Exhausted? This Will Help

Despite living in moist Miami — does anybody like the word “moist”? — I’m currently in the midst of a dry skin dilemma. I can’t drink enough water, my Kate Somerville Quench Oil Free hydration serum seemingly evaporates as soon as it quenches my epidermis, and my generally glow-inducing Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation just sits atop a surface of dry-skin flakes and ever-deepening lines (goodness… thank God I can

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First-Date Fierceness Inspired by New York Fashion Week

In the world of dating (dating, dating; not full-blown, longer-term relationships), less is generally more. Across the board. From social media stalking to divulging the nitty gritty about all the exes who’ve wronged you. The old ‘less is more’ adage can also be applied to your first-date look, from the footwear to the face. I can’t tell you how many times guys have complained about meeting up with Masked Mabel

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