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How To Figure Out Your Skin Type with Celeb Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann

Happy Spring, peeps! I’ve been feeling the spring-cleaning vibes over here at chez SLF, and as such, have been ditching any and all things (physical and meta) that I no longer need to hold on to. Case in point: My overflowing stash of beauty products. There are some I’ve tried once and didn’t like, there are some I haven’t tried and hope to one day get to, there are some

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11 Ways to Feel More You on IWD2016

It’s International Women’s Day, peeps! The way I see it, this day is about celebrating who we are, where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and who’s coming with us. I’m just so inspired and elated and joyful watching all the #IWD2016 goodness exploding around the Interwebz today. For International Women’s Day, I’ve teamed up with U by Kotex and Sweet Spot Labs who remind us of our power. Period. (WINK.)

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Real Talk, Episode 4: Amy Dannheim x #RealTalkwithJFC

It’s Episode 4 of Real Talk! Whoooo! Today, we’re sitting with Amy Dannheim. Here’s what Amy does: A leader in the Miami yoga community, Amy is a yoga teacher, writer and creator. Her popular group classes are layered with humor, great music and good vibes, drawing inspiration from her personal practice and travels. Amy’s teaching showcases her creativity and love for a great flow as she encourages you to discover

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Lady Bits: Swipe Right for Confidence | Full Frontal Goes Full Throttle | How To Be a Genuine Leader | Feminist Lingerie

The lady news you need to know. Shine Text is a new app from cofounders Marah Lidey, 26, and Naomi Hirabayashi, 32, that’s designed to help you think positively and close the Confidence Gap that exists between you and your male coworker who seems to get all the breaks. Now you can spend your subway commute busting through all those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from finding the love

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The Best Protective Bases for Your Lazy Beauty Routine

The older we get, the less time we want to spend on skin care. (Ironically, we should probably be paying MORE attention, not less. We get that.) So for us, multitasking beauty products can be a godsend, especially if they’re doubling as a form of makeup. Case in point: Tinted skin care/foundation products containing SPF. Now, we’re not talking about that measly 15 or 20 SPF in your color base. Nooo, nope. That

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This 25-Year-Old Is Building a Community Around Self, Love and Beauty

Obviously, when I came across Lisa Thompson’s site, Self Love Beauty, it stopped me dead in my Twitter tracks. Self? Love? Beauty??? Yes and please! What was an even bigger joy to find was that the woman behind the blog, Lisa, a 25-year-old Midwesterner with a genuine desire to support others, was a doll and a half. @SelfLoveBeauty: Helps remind women how special they are, to see their true beauty,

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We’re Buying Glamsquad’s Beauty Wish List For Ourselves

Last week, Glamsquad (our go-to for on-demand beauty services, and for holiday party prep), sent out their expert suggestions for last-minute beauty gifts from Creative Director, Giovanni, and Director of Makeup, Kelli. Since it’s Christmas Eve, we might be a little late for the gifting part, but we’re 100% on board with stocking up on our own stocking stuffers with a few choice cosmetics. So, here, from that list, are the

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De-Puff for Your Next Round of Holiday Parties

L’Chaim, and Merry, Merry, you Yuletide revelers, you! We are in the home stretch of holiday festivities–and if you’ve been hitting it like we have, we’re guessing your waistlines are feeling the stretch, too. The folks over at Clarins were in the gifting spirit, however and sent us their latest from their Shaping Facial Lift series, the Wrap and the Total V Contouring Serum. This series, which also includes an eye cream,

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Want Something Different in Your Life? Get Radical.

I believe they say that the best business ideas are born of necessity. And so it was with Radical Skincare. The Radical story started when sisters Liz and Rachel Edlich were both battling their own skincare issues—Rachel with a serious case of post-pregnancy rosacea, and Liz facing a mid-40’s drop in elasticity. So they set out to create a skincare solution that was effective enough to address Liz’s aging concerns

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Lady Bits: 8 Habits of Self-Loving Women | Self Care Rituals Make You Feel Better | Serena’s At It Again| & More

Here’s this week’s Lady Bits news from around the ‘Web. It’s been a while since we did one of these round-ups. Who else needed a dose of a badassery this Tuesday? Get yer fix here, then go dominate your Tuesday. Yah! #LadyBits   Over at Huff Post Women, Rachael Yahne has shared the 8 Habits of Happy, Self-Loving Women, which includes gems like ‘They ask “how do I feel about myself?”

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