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Here’s the deal.

Media is important. What we read, watch, scroll over and share has an immense effect on our well-being, whether we admit, acknowledge or accept it. And, frankly, we at The Self-Love Formula wanted more. So we started The SLF because we wanted to trust our sources, to read about issues that mattered to us from people that understood us, and to feel good, inspired and respected while doing so. And we wanted to give that to you, too.

The SLF speaks to Gen Y women, understanding the new, nuanced situations that today’s young women encounter in their daily lives when it comes to self-worth, self-expression and self-love, and serves up some much-needed positive reinforcement. Think fresh do’s and don’ts, compassionate confidence and radical clarity in the distinct and entertaining vernacular of a Millennial, essentially making self-love a socially cool concept for younger generations.

But this isn’t your yogi’s self-help. We’re looking at the specific interests of the quarter-lifer and newly 30-something as they (nay, we) navigate this strange phenomenon called adulthood. And for the LOVE, let’s make this fun, shall we? Because the struggle is all too real.

And this isn’t just for the ladies. Guys, we love you, too, and we understand that some of what we go through, you go through also. So if our content resonates with you, even better. We’re just here trying to make it a bit more supportive for everyone. And have a blast while doing so.

Read the change, be the change (and write the change, if you’re so inclined), and let’s create this new movement. Are you in?

The SLF Team

Why Formula?

Our approach is simple: Just add a bit more self-love. Here, some of our foolproof formulas for being more you.

The SLF Beauty Formula

SLF Beauty Formula beach (2)

accentuating your features + self-love (not succumbing to limiting traditional beauty ideals) =
utting your best face forward (and bringing to the surface how awesomely GORG-eous you truly are)

The SLF Fashion Formula

SLF Fashion Formula dark text

fashion sense + self-love (saying #nothanks to trends that don’t work for you) = expertly styled self-expression

The SLF Dating & Relationship Formula

SLF Dating Formula left

common sense + self-love (a strengthened emotional intelligence quotient) = sustainable true L-O-V-E (and not that desperate, I’ll-just-die-if-he-doesn’t-like-me-back stand-in)

FYI: In an effort to be as transparent as possible, some of the links in our posts are automatically generated to create affiliate links, but they are ALL products that we’ve tried or covet ourselves. We’re particular about what we put on our selves so that you can be too.